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Basic Makeup Application


Let our GlowPros enhance your beauty with a basic makeup application. Whether a natural look or night look, our GlowPros will make you feel and look beautiful. This application is great for events, but also for a daytime luncheon or date night with your significant other. This application does not include lashes.

Premium Makeup Application


A premium makeup service is a detailed application that focuses on skin care preparation, highlighting, and contouring, along with applying false lashes and enhancing every feature of the face. GlowPros will only use the highest quality of products and tools. We also provide high-end false lashes. This is great for events, weddings, shoots, day, or night looks.

Organic Spray Tan


Experience high quality, organic, non-toxic spray tan, with no reeking or streaking. We guarantee your tan won't turn orange.



GlowPros will blow dry your hair to fit your needs, by using high-quality products and tools. Add a curl or wave to fit the style you'd like to achieve.

UpDo Hairstyling


Whether it's an UpDo with a braid or a side bun with a twist, our GlowPros are trained to give you your desired look for that special day or night event.

Dry Hairstyling


Whether it's a beachy wave style or a braid, let our GlowPros make getting ready easy. This service includes beachy waves, old Hollywood curls, pageant curls, straight ponytail, 1-2 braids, full curls by setting or curling wand/iron.

Basic Makeup and Hair


A basic makeup application and a blowout with styling hair. Great for events, graduation, and guests at weddings.

Premium Makeup and Hair


Premium Makeup including lashes and lipstick and a Dry Styling Hair Style or an UpDo. Great for brides trial run, black tie events, shoots, and wedding parties.

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