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Become a GlowPro

What to expect when you become a GlowPro


Watch the GlowPro Webinar

Learn everything you need to know about the GLOW brand and what it takes to become a GlowPro in your area for hair, makeup or spray tanning. Take notes on any questions, because you’ll be able to ask any of them if you decide to take the next step!


Schedule Your Consultation with a GlowPro Leader

You’ll have the chance to speak with GLOW co-founder Yazmin Cavale, who’s experience in the beauty world led her to start this movement that you now have the opportunity to be a part of. Before your visit, you’ll fill out an application for her to learn more about you and you’ll also be able to ask any questions you have about becoming a GlowPro.


Attend Your GlowPro Training Day To Officially Join The Team!

This is it. You show up with other qualified professionals like yourself, but you leave fully trained as a GlowPro ready to make women throughout your area GLOW with your services.

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The GlowPro Edge

Scheduling Convenience

Turn your GlowPro services on or off. When you're ready to make your clients glow, you'll be open for business. When you're busy, you're closed for business. It's that simple.

Ongoing Training and Support

Once you qualify to be a GlowPro, you’ll receive an initial training process for any combination of services you’ll offer. We’ll also provide you with special pricing on all of your products you’ll need to make your clients glow!

Lead Generation

GLOW will initiate all of the digital marketing in your area, so that prospective clients are downloading the app in your market on a daily basis, to have the ability to schedule a GlowPro visit from you!


We are committed to preserving First-Class Quality and Consistent Excellence with each GlowPro we partner with. Servant-Minded professionals who are GlowPro’s first and foremost because it is their passion to empower and awaken women everywhere with their GLOW services.

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