How do I book?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Hit the "Get Started" button and fill out the form to create your user GLOW account.
  3. Create an account in "My Accounts" and fill out all fields including your picture upload.
  4. Choose a GlowPro, service, date and time desired.
  5. Request an appointment.
  6. Once your appointment is accepted, sit pretty and wait for the GlowPro to come to you.

What can I expect when I book?

You will receive an email immediately after booking, informing you that your appointment request has been forwarded to a GlowPro and is now in the "Pending Appointments" section of your "My Appointments" section in the app. The GlowPro has 24 hours to accept your appointment once it's received. Once your appointment is accepted, you are confirmed and booked. You will also be able to message your GlowPro with details and questions that you might have through the app. Customer service is available anytime by emailing info@glowout.io. Hassle free payment transactions are handled through the app. The GlowPro Transportation Fee is automatically included if you have the GlowPro come to you, and adding any gratuity is optional. You will be able to see your pending and upcoming appointments under "My Appointments" in the app.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Blowouts: Have your hair shampooed and conditioned 10-15 minutes before the GlowPro arrives. "Wet in the chair."
Dry styling: Hair should be cleaned and blown out straight before your GlowPro arrives.
Spray tan: Check out our blog on spray tan prep by going here. Please wear dark loose fitted clothes. If our GlowPro is coming to you please note that we do have a tan tent that we use to spray you in that is 7x4x4.

How do I Pay?

You will be able to create an account within the app and provide us with your credit card number. A 20% Transportation and service tax will be automatically added if it's a mobile service. If you would like to tip your GlowPro more than 20% you will have the option once the GlowPro closes out the appointment, just log back into your account. Don't forget to rate and review your GlowPro after each appointment.

What if I need to cancel?

Although GLOW prides itself on guaranteeing great customer service, we also believe that top-level GlowPro beauty professionals are just as important! In an effort to be prompt and efficient, please respect our cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours of the GLOW appointment that you scheduled, you will still pay 100% of the GLOW appointment fee. However, if you cancel your GLOW appointment more than 24 hours in advance, you will be refunded 100% of the GLOW appointment fee. If you would like to dispute a cancellation charge, please email customer service at info@glowout.io.

What products and tools are used by GlowPros?

All of our GlowPros are beauty professionals with multiple years of experience in their specific service(s) offered. Hairstylists carry professional tools such as flat and curling irons, blow dryers, brushes and an array of beauty products to fit all hair types. Our makeup artists carry professional brushes, false lashes, and a plethora of products to fit any skin type. Spray tanners carry the same machine tent and solution to every appointment. Our GLOW formula is an all organic, non-toxic solution that will never turn orange, reek, or streak like our competitors.

Tell me about your GlowPros?

Feel at ease knowing that all our GlowPros are experienced and talented beauty professionals that are hand picked by our Founder, Yazmin Cavale (Yaz). Because our founder is an experienced beauty professional, she knows what to look for in order for you to have the ultimate beauty experience. Background checks are performed on all GlowPros prior to their employment with GLOW. GlowPros also complete a one-on-one consultation with Yaz and perform a service demo interview with a panel of experienced beauty professionals. Upon hire, they complete a training phase prior to fulfilling services for clients. We are selective and have you, the customer, in mind when recruiting, hiring and training all of our GlowPros. Please do not forget to rate and review every experience. Doing so will help us help you!

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