The GLOW #BlackFriday Pre-Launch For Founding Clients Only


GLOW Co-Founder/CEO Yazmin Cavale recently announced big news for the GLOW app's founding clients...

"Starting on #BlackFriday, the GLOW app will be available for download and the GLOW beauty professional network [of "GlowPros"] will be available for on demand booking of the hair, makeup and spray tan services offered through the GLOW app!"

So, who are the "GLOW Founding Clients"?

  1. Anyone who is following GLOW's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram channels.

  2. Those who are subscribed to our GLOW email list.

  3. Any current client of a GlowPro (beauty professional).

*This is restricted to GLOW's Founding Market of Birmingham.

**How do you make sure you receive a special download link for the GLOW app on #BlackFriday?

Easy! Make sure you've registered your name and email with us here.**

You'll not only receive a message with a personalized GLOW app download link for either iPhone or Android devices, but you will also receive a chance to earn "GLOW Money" that you can spend on any of your bookings on the GLOW app for our hair, makeup and/or spray tan services.

GLOW's network of first-class beauty professionals ("GlowPros") has been built with excellence by Yazmin and her team over the past six months.

Yazmin has been able to build this network of GlowPros, through an in-depth process of identifying and evaluating hundreds of metro Birmingham beauty pro's, and then intensively training the less-than-25% of those beauty pro's who have made it through this intense onboarding process.

If you or somebody you know is interested in becoming a partner in our Founding GlowPro network, as a GLOW app beauty provider, please go here to apply.

Whether you're aspiring to be a part of GLOW's Founding Client or Founding GlowPro Networks (or both:)... GET READY TO GLOW!

Wanna be a GLOWpro?

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