How To Experience The GLOW App

Please download the app by clicking here, if you're an Apple iPhone user OR by clicking here, if you're an Android user.

Create Your GLOW User Account

Once the GLOW app is downloaded on your phone, click “GET STARTED” on the home page.

Create a Username and password.

Next, you will see a search engine bypass by clicking the X button in the upper left-hand corner.

Click the top right menu and go down to “MY ACCOUNT”.

Fill out all your information and upload a profile picture. Click “SAVE CHANGES”.

Go back to the menu, click "BROWSE GLOWPROS”.

NOTE: You can browse all the GlowPros, but this might take longer for you to see what GlowPro is available for the service you are looking to book.

Click the search button on the top right-hand corner, the GLOW search engine will pop up. Choose the service you are searching for (the Location will default to your home market based on your address). Click the check mark in the top right-hand corner.

You are now seeing a filtered list of the GlowPros that specifically available based on the service and location your search has entered.

Choose The Best GlowPro & Experience GLOW

Once you have completed steps 1-8 above, you are now ready to choose a GlowPro that’s right for you. The GLOW app will automatically use your location and choose the GlowPro that is nearest to you and put them on the top of your list.

Once you choose a GlowPro, the first thing you will see is the name and picture of the GlowPro via the GlowPro Profile.

We suggest you really get to know the GlowPro through their profile. You can do this by checking out their picture gallery in “VIEW GALLERY” where you can see pictures of all their work.

You can even zoom in on a specific picture.

Then you can view their “AVAILABILITY” by clicking on it.

If your GlowPro is not available to serve you at a specific time and date, you can move to the next GlowPro, until you find a GlowPro that is available exactly when is most convenient for you.

This is also where you choose to “BOOK” your appointment.

The next button is “SERVICE”- you will be able to see what other services that GlowPro provides and the prices for each.

NOTE: Every GlowPro charges the same price for services. Choose the "STAR BUTTON" to view “REVIEWS”. This will allow you to see what GLOW clients are saying about the specific GlowPro you are viewing - who knows you might see a comment from someone you know!

Also, in the GlowPro “PROFILE”, you will see the GlowPro's complete resume, along with experience, certifications and/or licenses that they have obtained.

Once you choose your GlowPro go to their availability and hit “BOOK NOW”.

Choose the service you’d like, then choose the date and time, followed by your group count, whether it is an in-Studio or Mobile appointment (mobile means the GlowPro will come to you, while Studio means you will go to the GlowPro) and you will also enter any outstanding account info (if necessary).

Make sure all the information is correct and then hit “BOOK NOW”.

This will send an email request to your GlowPro in the form of an order for them to approve.

Once the GlowPro approves your request, you will get a confirmation email.

All of these requests and approvals can also be viewed by you AND the GlowPro in your GLOW app as well.

If the GlowPro denies your request, you will then have to choose another GlowPro.

That’s it! Sit back and let the GlowPro come to you to deliver the celebrity-caliber GLOW on demand beauty experience!

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