Hey Moms, it's time to value your appearance!

I grew up in a Latin family where I was surrounded by strong, beautiful women. I had a grandmother whose honesty often came across as passive insults, even though this honesty was also respected for its transparent wisdom. In retrospect, her harsh honesty was vital in instilling pride in the appearance of my mom and her siblings. In turn, that same appreciation trickled down to me from my mother.

People often confuse appreciating one's appearance with placing solely aesthetic value on one's appearance. While I do think there is value placed on appearances (i.e. models, fashion, etc.), it's often frowned upon to value your own. Especially, for moms. I mean, the kids always come first, right?

The one question I get the most from friends and clients is, "How do you do all this and still look like this?" While the compliment is nice, the frustration boils up for a few reasons:


  1. Because women don't think they too can "do all this and look like this", and
  2. Because I don't want to be the mom who looked great before kids.

My purpose in starting GLOW was to encourage women to allow their outer beauty to GLOW just like their inner beauty does. That statement doesn't exclude moms. In fact, it's a reminder to moms that they are a priority, as well. I'm not saying go neglect your kids for a facial, but I am saying stop neglecting yourself for everything else.

With kids to care for, jobs to manage, home life to balance, and all the etceteras... beauty usually is first to fall to the waist side. And, I get it. It's hard to validate spending 30 minutes extra in the morning to put on makeup and fix your hair, when you've got a screaming toddler hanging on your leg or lunches that need to be made. But, is that right? Are we just agreeing as a society, that beauty is not a priority once you have kids? Are we letting the terms "mom jeans" or "mom cut" define our appearance?

The famous saying "If momma 'aint happy, nobody's happy" couldn't ring more true, and I truly believe you can't be fully happy if you don't feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself can come from many different fulfillments - be it an hour at the gym or a blowout - but, it stems from something that you value. It's time for moms across America to value themselves and stop letting "being a mom" keep you from embracing your existing inner-beauty by GLOWING on the outside.

I start every morning in prayer, hoping God can help me be the best representative of Him in all I do as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and business owner. This is most important to me. However, my quiet time doesn't stop me from taking pride in getting dressed, fixing my hair and putting on makeup, because looking my best is part of being my best. I do this for me, but I also do it for my husband and for my children. They see me as a happy, confident mom because I take the time to prioritize me and in turn, get the fulfillment I need. By feeling confident and put together, I feel great about myself, allowing me to be a better mom and wife. It also allows me to serve as an example to my children of someone who values and appreciates their appearance that they deliver to the world.

I, too, understand the woes of being a working mom and juggling it all. I do that on a daily basis. When I started GLOW, I didn't stop being a full-time mom. Instead, I essentially inherited a fourth child, in which I care for and worry about. Balancing all of this is a struggle, but I must remind myself that taking pride in my appearance is one of the reasons I am successful as a mom, business owner, and person. Using any of these responsibilities as an excuse against each other isn't fair to me or the responsibilities that I chose to take on.

When I started writing this blog, I was concerned that people would interpret these words as my attack on moms everywhere for "not being pretty enough" or "being lazy with their appearance". I hope I've relayed the contrary and instead shed light on the fact that moms are beautiful and deserve to prioritize their beauty. Being a mom should serve as the igniting factor for this, rather than an excuse as it so often does. It's time to take pride in your appearance and place value and importance on the way you look when you leave the house, not because society values it or you're expected to as a woman, but instead because you deserve to GLOW.

Because I am a working mom and had many toddlers clenching my calves during morning routines, I've had to consolidate (not eliminate) my beauty routine. Here are five tips to make your beauty a priority!

5 Tips On Making Beauty A Priority For Moms:

1. Get up early! I know, I know. You're already waking up early. But, taking that time to relax in the am and to get yourself ready while the kids are asleep may be the answer to much needed dedicated time. If getting up earlier isn't possible, think about asking a sitter to come an hour early or alternating days with a neighborhood mom, so you can each have that beauty time in the am a few days a week.

2. Double Duty! Find ways to cut corners in your beauty routine, making it faster and more efficient. Things like finding a moisturizer that serves multiple purposes, like covering, priming, brightening, and protecting with SPF or investing in a flat iron that can straighten hair while it's still wet. There are lots of products out there that can help with this, just do your research!

3. Simplify! Find a beauty professional to teach you how to simplify your daily beauty routine. I teach women a 5-minute beauty application with 5 products that you can do while you are in the carpool line, if need be. Investing in an hour with a beauty pro, like our GLOWPRO's, is worth the cut down on getting ready time!

4. Speak it! Say to yourself, "I am important!" Why? Because you are!! I think as moms, we forget that sometimes.

5. Confidence is Key! Understand that it's not about looking like a beauty queen, it's about feeling confident! Whether it's a great blowout or amazing spray tan or your favorite lipstick, it simply takes one beauty product to boost your confident and that's when you really Glow. But, remember, you can't be confident if you eliminate your beauty as a priority in the first place!

-Yazmin Cavale, GLOW Co-Founder & CEO


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