Eight Steps To Cut The Perfect Crease

Cutting a crease could seem hard at first, but with a little patience, it could be done in just a few short steps.

This is a great look for small eyes, deep set eyes and hooded lids. It will also make your eye look bigger and wider.

We used the New Mario palette from Anastasia, which had rave reviews on social media, so we put it up to the test.

For this shoot, we feature the beautiful Michelle Chandler, who is a valued GLOW app client, and one of our most versatile GlowPros in Lindsay Glenn.

Step 1: Prime Lid! We love Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.

Step 2: Using a crease brush, utilize color Paris and create a rainbow shape on the crease, blending well and moving back-and-forth.

Step 3: With a pointy concealer brush, take a small amount of primer and cut the crease (meaning make a fine line enhancing the crease).

Step 4: Utilizing the small concealer brush, pack on Hollywood on lid eyeshadow.

Step 5: Use black gel liner with your liner brush place just on the top lash line and wing it out •clean up the wing and shadow with a little concealer and a concealer precision brush •add NYC shadow and darken the crease just a bit more •add NYC with a smudging brush and lightly smudge on the lower lash line. •add false lashes and then add mascara to top and lower lashes.


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