5 Minute MU Application with 5 Products!

The mornings are a rush. We get it! Between making breakfast, school drop-off, walking the dog, etc., it's amazing you get out of the house and to work with any makeup on.

But, we've said before - and we'll say it again - that despite the hectic schedules and frantic mornings, prioritizing your beauty is important.

The GLOW team understands the need for an easy beauty regimen that can make you feel and look great, even when time isn't on your side, which is why we're sharing with you a quick "5 Minute MakeUp Application with ONLY 5 Products"! These 5 products are dual-actioning, easy to apply, and will last all day allowing you to spend less time achieving that Summer GLOW and more time enjoying it!


One thing to remember when starting your makeup application is that it's best to start with your eyes. Whether you're going light with shadow and liner, or attempting a full blown smokey eye, it's much easier to wipe away excess, shadow fallout, or erase mistakes when the rest of your face is makeup free. Who wants to do under eye foundation twice?? Not us! Start with the eyes and wipe away any shadow fallout with a clean makeup wipe.

For a quick 5 minute application, we say skip the shadow. Instead, grab a dual actioning primer like Trish McEvoy's Eye Base in Demure. This product not only goes on crease free and keeps your eyelids that way for up to 12 hours, but it also has a delicate shimmer that mimics a sheer eyeshadow, which is perfect for a light, dewy look in the Summer! You can score a cheaper option to Trish's product if you're looking to save, by picking up Loreal's Magic De-Crease Eyelid Primer.


Next, finish up your eyes by swiping on some mascara to help your lashes stand out. For hot, Summer days, we recommend using a waterproof formula like MACs Extended Play mascara to ensure the color doesn't run against the humidity. No one is interested in black lines or dark under eye circles at the end of the day! Using microfiber formulas can help combat that, too, so be sure to check out some of those options. A cheaper drug store option is CoverGirl's Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara. Coming in at only $9, it's the perfect go-to mascara for everyday wear.


Protecting your skin in the summer is of the utmost importance! SPF is a must have, not only for daily protection but for skin care in general. The results of sun damage may not be apparent in a day, week, or even a few years, but trust us - the damage is happening if you aren't protecting your skin and you'll regret it when it rears its ugly head in a few years! To combat sun damage, our go-to coverage is the dual action Trish McEvoy BB Cream. Available in two shades, this product blends with your skin tone and truly does it all. From priming to protecting to moisturizing, this is a must-have product to include in your beauty regimen.

Coming in at right under $100, the BB cream can be a little pricey. While it's worth every penny, we understand that you may have some months where splurging isn't an option. If that's the case, check out Tarte's BB cream, which has SPF 30 and works in a very similar way. It also contains a primer which lasts for roughly 12 hours, ensuring your powder and bronzer stay in place throughout the day!


Once your skin is protected, smooth out the coverage by buffing on a light coat of Trish McEvoy's Natural Weekend Face Color Duo. This blush/bronzer duo allows for full coverage and light contouring on the cheeks, jawline, and forehead. First, swipe on the bronze color in a 3 formation, starting at the top of your forehead and moving towards your temple. Finish the number three pattern by lining from your temple alongside your jawline.

Next, dab some color on your cheeks by applying a light coat of blush along the apples of your cheeks. You can apply both of these powders with the same brush to save on time, simply make sure to clean your brush between applications! Achieve the same look with NYX Bronzer and Blush combo. We love the Sunrise/Bali color combo for a Summer glow!


Wrap up your 5-minute makeup application by swiping on some gorgeous shine! Our go-to lip gloss is Trish McEvoy's Beauty Booster gloss in Brightening Pink. We love this gloss because it provides a super high sheen, semi-transparent lip color, and protects your lips thanks to the SPF 15. Re-apply throughout the day to keep your shine in tact. If you want to try a bunch of colors, avoid breaking the bank by testing out color options with Neutrogena's Moisture Shine Lip Soother at less than $7 each. Our favorite everyday color is Glaze, but definitely try out the shade called GLOW when you're picking up some testing tubes!

Feel free to experiment with what shades work for you and customize the application routine to best fit your preferences! Everyone's schedule is different and this might not be a routine that you need to follow every day, but if you find yourself short on time, try out a glowy Summer look with minimal effort by following the steps above! Post your before and afters on social media and tag us!

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