How To Achieve a Perfect Wave Look in 4 Easy Steps

We are happy to say that the tousled beach wave is here to stay and we couldn’t be happier. But we all know that just like the "no-makeup makeup look", it’s a lot harder to achieve and takes a little more thought and prep than just throwing some salt water in our hair and letting it dry. And let’s keep it real - who has an endless supply of ocean salt water in their bathroom? Nobody!

Thank God that the GLOW app has a team of skilled GlowPro beauty professionals like Lynsey Richardson, to break down the following steps and show us the latest hair products and tools to use in order to achieve that no fuss, "how-did-she-do-that", Gigi Hadid look that everyone is dying to have.

Step 1: Prep

Prepping hair is not only key because it makes the hair manageable, but also because it empowers the hair to hold its wave long after the first meeting of the day.

If the hair is pin straight, please make sure you dry it and then follow the steps below. If the hair is wavy already (or very curly), then please dry it straight with a blow dryer first. The hair doesn’t have to be perfect, but it cannot be damp!

The best tool to prep the hair with is texturing spray. We love Ouai Texturizing Spray. This will give the hair texture, in order for the waves to last and for you to have that "perfectly imperfect", "beachy"-wave look.

TIP: Don’t use a brush to comb through the hair just yet! Scrunch the hair with your hand and let it air dry!

Next lightly dust hairspray all over the hair. This will give your hair a shine and hold it for longevity. Again, run hands through it lightly.

Step 2: Curl

Take a wand that reaches 420 degrees in heat like this GVP one-inch wand that our GLOW app's GlowPro beauty professionals like to use.

Start on the left-hand side and grab random strands of hair, wrapping them around the barrel of the clip-less iron. Focus on the area from the root to the mid shaft.

TIP: Leave the ends free and this will give you that modern, windswept look you are after.

Repeat going from one side to the other side, letting the curls lay on the head untouched until you have done every section of the head. Let the hair sit and cool for two minutes - this will also help the waves from falling straight.

Step 3: Separate

Next, take a pitchfork comb and turn it upside down. Using the fork side of the comb, you want to lightly separate the curl by combing downward. This will let out the curl loosely, in order to create that wave look.

Do this for the entire head.

Step 4: Set

Lastly, use volumizing spray (our GlowPro's like Big Sexy Hair Spray).

Spray hair while running your hands through and allow the client to shake her head back and forth. This will create that tousled messy look.

Voila! And you are done!! Our GLOW app video team documented it pretty well in this video, but hopefully, these steps help you digest the details of what it will take to deliver this style.

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